How to deal with negativity on Instagram 2022 Outreach.SALE review

How to deal with negativity on Instagram

When starting the Instagram marketing services, remember the main rule: the more followers you have, the more negative you will receive.

If you are your first day on the Internet, then you should mentally prepare yourself for the fact that everyone here has their own expert opinion. And everyone is ready to express it, regardless of whether you asked them or not.

When starting the promotion of your Instagram account, remember the main rule: the more followers you have, the more negative you will receive. Where does this negative come from and what to do with it – let’s try to figure it out.

Why negativity is pouring on you on Instagram

Everything in the world has its reasons. The negative on Instagram also has reasons, and many. Here are some of them – choose which one you like best.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) You can’t please everyone. Some people are pissed off by your mere existence. Just make you angry and that’s it. And so these people write nasty comments to you, constantly criticize and say nasty things in your eyes or behind your back.


Envy, of course, is not a good feeling, but everyone experiences it from time to time. Someone learned to cope with their envy and use it as a motivation for their own development. And someone did not learn how to cope and pours it out on Instagram.

As a rule, envy needs a reason. Therefore, if you upload to your account happy photos of a happy family, travel all year round and suitcases with money – be prepared for the fact that someone will envy you.


Just as not all people have learned to cope with envy, so not everyone adheres to the principles of fair competition. Sometimes, in order to denigrate a competitor, everything is used, including artificially created negativity on Instagram – bad reviews and unflattering comments under selling posts. Thic can also be a part of your competitors’ social media management services.


Trolls are people who have fun, bringing their interlocutors on the Internet to white heat. The argument is important to them for the sake of argument and for the sake of other people’s emotions, they are not interested in the truth. It is impossible to explain, persuade, insult the troll. They masterfully cling to words and poke at the most painful points.