How to find prostitutes on Social Media 2022 Outreach.SALE review

How to find prostitutes on Social Media

Completely rewritten, supplemented by four years of experience, Social Media guide from the beginning of 2021. I collected everything that I know myself and that came to my mind in two years of using my technique. The continuation of this treatise, written after 5 years of using the technique, is right there.

How to find prostitutes on Social Media: Introduction

Two years ago I decided to search for whores through social media. I’m not the first who thought of this before, but definitely one of the first who collected and structured knowledge into a single guide. In 2018, two years later, using my product with varying success, I realized that it was time to update it. This guide will include the previous one, but at its core will contain a new idea. I admit that many will find it strange, unrealistic, difficult to implement, etc. But I sincerely believe in my brainchild and my experience of hiking in the 18th year is a confirmation of this.

How to find prostitutes on Social Media

Be careful, young Padawan, I am telling you some critical information! Do as it says here, it’s important! You need 2 profiles. Two (zwei, two, II)! Do not even think to climb to me if you have only one profile. I’ll send the fuck straight away to create a second one.

How to find prostitutes on Social Media: Profile 1

Filling. Meet Antosha, this is the new you. From this moment on, you have a second personality (and if you have completely gone, then a third one). Choose your nickname – this nickname will stay with you for years. I took a pseudonym from my first and last name (like Maksim Maksimov), a kind of “Alter Ego” will be. Some of the acquaintances take names from films, some just random names.

The bottom line is that your new name is your future brand. If you don’t fucking understand what I mean, then I’ll explain everything later, just trust me and choose wisely. When you have chosen a name, fill out the form. Put on music, subscribe to publics, post pictures with kittens, fill the wall, videos, statuses, schools and other shit. No need to drag everything from real – you can fill it with anything. The main thing is that now you will have to maintain this profile and create a touch of “reality” for it. The profile must be made open, because another faceless closed profile with an empty avatar will not cause any satisfaction from whores.

Photo. For this profile, you must find a guy in your city who will somehow somehow resemble you. Enter the male gender in the search, select the city, approximate age and scroll through. Take 5-10 photos from some bro and put them in your profile. Since I am constantly bothered by Anona’s questions, who do not have a mirror and have never seen themselves, I decided to remind them something. Namely, if you have no idea what you look like and don’t know how to look for something similar, then you can always use services like FindClone or Find Me and the neural network will do everything for you.

Alternatively, you can put some Johnny Depp if your nickname is “Jack Sparrow”, but I still strongly advise real people from your city who have your type. This has helped me out more than once, and I myself adhere to this method. After a long search, I found myself such pictures that the girls even when they come and I tell them that it’s not me in the photo – they look at me in surprise and ask “Yeah?”. So look for a bro as similar as possible.

How to find prostitutes on Social Media

Real photos. Personally, I already have two professional photosets, of which I only use 3 pictures lol. You, my shy friend, do not need to spend money on a studio and a photographer, but you simply must have real, good, maximum processed photos. Ask your friend / girlfriend / whores / mother to take a photo of you in the light, shaved and joyful. When, from the 73rd time, you still made a couple of successful pictures – fucking filter there, a couple of effects and now your portfolio is ready.

My photos helped me out just a LOT of times, I had more than one conversation with whores after sex about the fact that they rarely meet anyone with normal photos and some came only for this reason. Or it was a weighty argument – unusual and bold. I recommend storing them in the same contact, but not on the page itself, but in a conversation with yourself. Just type yourself in the search for correspondence and send your own photos to yourself. When the whores ask, you will forward your post to them. Quick and easy.

How to find prostitutes on Social Media: Profile 2

Filling. For the second questionnaire, you don’t have to try so hard. You can leave everything blank, or you can create an alternative full profile. Entries on the second questionnaire, as well as all content, are optional. For the sake of decency, I advise you to fill in the minimum records / music / video and score a dick. Everything also needs to be left open, like the first one.

Photo. You can put a picture with Mickey Mouse and nothing else. You can shove a picture of your favorite actor / group / performer / neighbor. How the soul lies. Instead of the second account, you can also use your real one, if any. But in any case, do not use a real account as the “first”!

So, you have two questionnaires on hand. One is almost real, the other is almost empty. What to do with this shit? Questionnaire number 1 is your faithful friend and faithful assistant from now on and until death do you part. Questionnaire number 2 is your backup version, from which you will write when it smells of some kind of shit, or you need enhanced conspiracy, or you need to test something.

Real photos. Usually, you can’t throw off the real ones from the second questionnaire, because you threw it from the main one. But if you suddenly didn’t throw it, you can keep them here as well. Sometimes it will help if suddenly, on the main questionnaire, they send you the fuck before the photo, or they ignore you.

Whores cataloging

The whores you found need to be stored somewhere (no, not in the refrigerator). I highly recommend using cloud storage methods: Google Sheets, or Excel Online. Notes at home on notebooks, at home on a computer, on a mobile phone in a note is not effective. After two years, I came to a bunch of Google.Tables + Google. Disk. In the tables, I keep a list of girls I am interested in and plan future trips.

Over time, I realized that one page was not enough. Therefore, I am now also leading the second one. On it I have a certain “Archive” of links and girls, which for some reason I cannot delete. Interesting options from the past, real whore profiles, rare but useful contact, whatever.

When a lot of interesting girls are recruited, the question arises of how to maintain their profile. Facebook often bans profiles, so photos of interesting ladies need to be stored somewhere. For these purposes, on my account, I have a Google Disk set aside for this case, and in it there are whores spread out in daddies. Sometimes it happens that you found a profile, there is one left photo of a whore and that’s it. But as a result, you found her real account, and in order to remember what this miracle looks like, you save yourself all the photos from her main account.

How to find prostitutes on social media

How to find prostitutes on Social Media: Whore categories

Two years of using the guide and licking Facebook led me to the following categories of whores:

1. Salons. Everything is simple here – an infinite number of apartments, in which 2-10 people live. They post the announcements of one lady with a number printed in Paint’e right on the photo. Sometimes there may be several questionnaires, similar in the angles of the photographs or the style of writing. Sometimes the background of the apartment remains, but the maidens change. As a rule, the girl in the photo is no longer alive. A random photo is taken from the Internet and a phone is stuffed on it. But here you will be offered some kind of choice and without “fuck” you definitely will not leave.

2. Streaming indies. They have been here for a long time. They work on their own, sometimes they take a break, sometimes they run a marathon. No girlfriends, their own huts / places, real photos, the same number for centuries. After a month or two, you figure out all of these and recognize them in any outfit, from any angle. Sometimes they disappear, sometimes they leave, but they always return, because you can’t just take and quit whore.

3. “Unicorns“. My (our?) Favorite category. Girls who had never been a whore before and came here almost by accident.

Since anon is getting dumber every day, you will have to stop here in more detail. “Unicorns” I call whores who are literally 1-2-3 times in business. Which need 5-10-30 thousand and which will be tied up. Who have no idea how to whore at all, what prices, how to issue questionnaires, where to look for puzans.

How to find prostitutes on Social Media

How to find prostitutes on Social Media?

Any business needs good and correct advertising, otherwise, in conditions of tough competition, it may simply close down. Of course, prostitution is no exception. It doesn’t matter if it is a brothel or an individual prostitute, they all have to promote their services in order to attract clients. More recently, people offering sex for money advertised their services in newspapers and magazines, pasted advertisements on poles, wrote numbers on the asphalt, or simply stood by the highway.

The scandalous magazine Flirt, which was distributed on the streets of the city, was especially popular with the priestesses of love. With the widespread use of the Internet, everything has changed, and advertising of intimate services has smoothly moved to the World Wide Web. No, offline promotion methods still remain, periodically you can find this kind of leaflets, announcements at bus stops, but this method is no longer so popular. But the Internet is replete with advertisements for sex for money. There are specialized sites, thematic forums, communities, but this was not enough for prostitutes. They have moved to legal classifieds sites where users can offer or search for products, jobs, and services. Social media is a prime example. It is not without reason that girls and even men on call have chosen it. The fact is that it is one of the ten largest sites, and its traffic is over 30 million users per month.

In today’s world, you can find almost anything if you know which smartphone app to use. Are you looking for the nearest restaurant? Try OpenTable, UrbanSpoon, LocalEats, or Yelp. OpenTable is particularly useful because it tells you which restaurants have open reservations and allows you to browse their menus, and if you choose one of the suggested restaurants, it will also make reservations for you. Should you go to that restaurant? Try Uber or Lyft. Both apps allow you to request a car and driver with just one click of a button with the share option. You can even keep track of how the driver is approaching you. What if I want to end the evening with paid sex? Well, there are apps for that.

Yes, that’s right, there are apps for hiring a prostitute!

As a therapist who specializes in treating sexual compulsivity and other intimacy disorders, this is not surprising. After all, apps for finding adult friends (that is, finding casual sex) like Tinder and Grindr have been around for a few years. Additionally, the internet as a whole has long been a provider of open source porn and sexual adventures, with sites like Craigslist and Backpage clearly serving the sex industry. Heck, I also remember (all too vividly) the pre-Internet era when “escort ads” appeared in the private sections of some newspapers and magazines. But now we have smartphone apps that let you order sex for hire, like Jimmy John’s sandwiches, and somehow I can’t help but think we’re over the edge.

Before writing this post, I quickly searched the Internet for “maintainer applications” and several appeared. So far, it appears that these apps are primarily aimed at straight men seeking sex with prostitutes, but it is likely that products aimed at straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, fetishists and the like will arrive soon. Meanwhile, we have Utoopi, SugarSugar, The Gentlemen’s Navigator, and a few others. (Don’t blame me for the bad brand. I didn’t name them, I just found them.) So below, sorry, are some of the latest hooker finding apps.

Utoopi offers access to the local escort. This app is the sexiest of all, offering female escorts, male escorts and transgender escorts. The app boasts: “Anything you want is waiting for you in Utoopi with one click.” To avoid surprises, the application divides the escort into sections: girls, gays and transsexuals. Profiles contain pictures, personal details, approximate location, prices, and even a Call Now button.
SugarSugar’s slogan reads “Where romance meets finance”. Nothing more direct can be said! The company says its app is aimed at “generous men who want to pamper and dynamic women who need financial support.” So they’re just straight. SugarSugar also states that it “provides a staff of sugar dating experts to help you find the perfect mutually beneficial deal.” However, the search seems to work the same way as most other apps designed for sexual encounters (for example, browsing and clicking on photos).

Gentlemen’s Navigator for straight men is more than just a prostitution app. In addition to directing users to the closest “girls”, it determines the geolocation of strip clubs, massage rooms, bars and discos. Such a deal! To start a meeting, simply open the app, enter your location, scroll through the list of places and people until you find what you are looking for and click the Suggest Location or Service button.
I don’t know for sure, but my guess is that these apps reduce a percentage on all payments received by the hooker (like Uber and Lyft, where the app automatically deducts a percentage of the driver’s share). So voila, now we have digital prostitution! And you can hardly imagine a rating system similar to those used in restaurant apps, travel apps, and all kinds of other apps.

To be honest, I don’t know why I’m worried about the emergence of prostitution apps. After all, prostitution has been around ever since a man first discovered the joy of sexual activity. The decision to combine modern technology and the world’s oldest profession was only a matter of time. Maybe I’m just old fashioned. Or maybe it worries me that my sexually compulsive clients will now be further derailed in their behavior, even though I know they are no more or less likely to hire prostitutes now than they were a few years ago.