Mechanical Mods 2022 Outreach.SALE review

Mechanical Mods

The history of mechanical mods, or as they are abbreviated as they are called, mech mods, begins with garage crafts made from water pipes and self-made buttons. After all, the meaning of such devices is to directly connect the atomizer to the battery. And initially they acted as a homemade alternative to devices from a Vapour Store with a board. The first serial mechanical mod was the Screwdriver, which received this name due to the similarity of the shape with the handle of a screwdriver.

The heyday of popularity of mech mods falls on 2014. At this time, Nemesis comes out, which is a constructor, from the parts of which you can assemble a device for any type of battery. Even Evolv, the creator of that very DNA board, was involved in the production of mechanical mods at that time. It is impossible not to remember SMPL – literally everyone bought it. Around the same period, box mods that operate on the principle of a simple connection are gaining popularity. Cherry Bomber was the most famous, despite a bunch of existing shortcomings. In 2015, Noisy Cricket from the well-known Chinese manufacturer Wismec becomes no less famous.

With the advent and development of vaping, mechanical mods are also transforming. First of all, this concerns the materials of manufacture. To achieve minimal drawdowns, devices begin to be made of copper. Among the prominent representatives are the products of the Sub Ohm Innovation company and, of course, the Vaperz Cloud. And if someone thinks that mech mods are just plain tubes, then this is a mistake. This is confirmed by the products of the DotMod company, whose products are positioned as grace and style in the vaping movement.

A few years ago, the popularity of mechanical mods in any Vaping Space was in crisis. Today, such devices are again in demand, which is confirmed by the level of sales of the companies that produce them, and the constantly appearing new names. It’s nice that domestic manufacturers are not lagging behind in this area. T