What is a Thot? 2022 Outreach.SALE review

What is a Thot?

A term that is very present in recent Italian projects, such as Drefgold's 'Elo' and DPG's 'Dark Boys Club'. 'Thot' is nothing but an acronym that stands for 'That Hoe Over There', used to refer to a girl 'of easy virtue'.

Thoth is slang for "slut" or "whore". Originally, it is an abbreviation for Ano Ho. Thot, like ho and b*tch, is sometimes used as a feminine generic term.

Many have revived the term, but it is widely viewed as sexist and derogatory. If you've combed the internet, you may have come across the word Thoth in memes, tweets, or her thirsty Instagram comments.

But have you ever wondered what (or who) a "thoth" is? As the 'thot' meme continues to circulate on the Internet, it's time to learn what 'thot' means and if you should use it in your selfies.

Thot is a derogatory slang term originally defined as an acronym for "That hoe over there", but is now used as a synonym for hoe or bitch, especially in the context of trap music and modern his rap. Commonly used.

Where did "Thot" term come from?

Short for thither Ho (“whore”).

Thot is said to have emerged from the Chicago rap scene in late 2011. Videographer Duane Gaines claims to have heard someone using thot while filming the music video for rapper Chief Keef's song "Aimed at You." The word was embraced by the crew and incorporated into the song's lyrics:
"But they Bullets Hit You Hot/Show No Love For A Thot." Gaines began using the word in his 2012 tweet. rice field.

Later in 2012 Chicago rappers Katie Got Bandz, Fredo Santana and Chance the Rapper also released songs with his Thot in the lyrics. With Chief Keef, they continued to use and popularize the word in their songs in the years that followed. In the 1970s, Thot spread throughout hip hop culture and the popular culture it influenced.


Criticism of Thoth is similar to criticism of synonyms. Writers have called the term misogyny, but it has been used to identify women who are not only sexually open but also interested in using their sexuality to get their goods cheaply, to Basic Bitch and Ratchet. Some have identified it as a similar, classic slur. It was popularized by the hip-hop song of the same name by Caleb, Yoon Saif, and Jon Boy. Since her debut in June 2014, both singing and dancing have spawned numerous dubbed parodies and tributes to her performance on her Vine, a video sharing platform.

How is it used in real life?

Another form of thot, a pun for hot water bottle, is thotie (or thotty). Thoth is used to insult women as cheap and easy.

In the mid-2010s, a meme called Begone Thot emerged in response to what a young male netizen perceived as over-talking on his Instagram and his Twitch stream.

As thot spread into mainstream slang, it came to refer to all genders and generally positively refer to someone who is sexy and confident (such as a hottie).

Use of THOT in a sentence

The woman was clearly upset about being called "Thot" by the famous rapper and complained of her on Instagram.