What is lead generation 2022 Outreach.SALE review

What is lead generation

Lead generation is an online marketing tool where the focus is on the result. For the customer, the result is manifested in the number and quality of attracted leads. At the end of the day, every customer cares about the end profit, which is the goal, and marketing campaigns are the means.

Entrepreneurs are not interested in paying for SEO, contextual advertising, content marketing, SMM and so on, since you need to understand the results of such work yourself, control them, or hire additional specialists for this team: callgear.com.

However, lead generation is not a pill for all diseases, it will be effective only in combination with other marketing tools – great deals, memorable corporate identity, a good website with attractive content, etc. It is a mistake to think that without proper marketing you will be attacked by customers. We will cover the concept of lead generation from different angles in this article, read below.

What is a lead in simple terms?

A lead is a potential application, a hypothetical client from a target audience who is interested in a service or product and has left a phone number, email address or any other information that allows you to contact him.

Each business seeks to attract as many customers as possible, because the prosperity and success of the company directly depends on them.

Lead is not a sale yet, it is an established connection between the seller and a potential buyer, which arose as a result of any actions – a request for a price, a request for a call back, wrote in a chat.

But how and where to find clients? How to translate ordinary viewers, wandering the web, into the category of leads? That’s what lead generation is for.

What is hot and cold lead?

Customers who leave applications can have completely different motivations. A lead who ordered a study on a topic of interest to him and left his email is a cold lead. This is a potential customer whose contact information we received, but this does not mean at all that he is ready to buy. You still need to work with such a lead, that is, warm it up.

A hot lead is a mature customer with a direct interest in a product or service, as close as possible to buying it.