What is pansexual orientation? 2022 Outreach.SALE review

What is pansexual orientation?

Pansexual are people who don't care who they fall in love with. Men and women are equally interesting and exciting for them sexually. But it's not just limited to men and women.

Who are pansexuals

The Greek root πᾶν ("pan") is translated as "all". This means that for "all-sexuals" it does not matter not only the gender of the partner, but also his gender identity.

Sometimes pansexuals call themselves gender blind, emphasizing that they do not distinguish between the sex or gender of a partner.

So, a pansexual can sincerely fall in love with a transgender boy who was a girl until recently. Or, for example, in an intersex person: a woman with male sexual characteristics or a man with female ones.

A pansexual chooses a partner solely on personal qualities and how pleasant it is for them to spend time together.

How are pansexuals different from bisexuals?

The Greek prefix "bi-" means "two". Accordingly, bisexuals are people who are attracted to both main sexes, men and women. But here are transgenders, intersex people or, let's say, people with a changeable Bisexuality, Pansexuality, Fluid Sexuality: Non-Monosexual Terms & Concepts gender identity (those who at different periods of life can feel either a man or a woman) are not interested in bisexuals. That is, pansexuality is a much broader concept. The Truth About Pansexuality.

Miley Cyrus, actress and singer, in an interview with Variety magazine:
Always hated the word "bisexual" because it drove me into a rigid framework

Where do pansexuals come from and is it normal

The term "pansexuality" was first used in 1974 in an article by PERSONAL; Ted & Mary & Archie & Fido on the sexual revolution featured in The New York Times. “Bisexuality is the trend of this year,” its authors reported. Looks like we know what's coming next season. It's pansexual."

Then the sexual revolution lost its scope, the term was forgotten for a long time, and it only became popular again in the mid-2010s, when several celebrities declared their pansexuality to Pansexual Celebrities at once. Among them are actresses Miley Cyrus and Amber Heard, models Cara Delevingne and Tess Holliday, singers Kesha and Angel Hayes, comedian Joe Lysette and others.

All this happened quite recently, so science about the demarche of pansexuality is still silent. Researchers only discreetly report The Truth About Pansexuality that they know very little about this phenomenon. There is practically no scientific work on pansexuality. Data on the psychological and physiological characteristics of pansexuals have not been collected, no one has yet traced in which families these people were born and how they grew up, what age and social groups they belong to.

In general, large-scale studies of pansexuality are yet to come. And they promise to be very interesting, because gender blindness is a challenge to traditional ideas about gender identity.

So far, only one thing is clear. From the point of view of modern Western science, pansexuality is just one way to identify oneself. Nothing less normal than traditional.