Why to measure Engagement Rate 2022 Outreach.SALE review

Why to measure Engagement Rate

By the engagement rate of the account, one can judge about many parameters that are important for promotion on Instagram:

Brand trust level. By assessing the ER indicator, you can understand how much the audience trusts the brand. Subconsciously, people are not ready to interact with the content in any way and initiate a dialogue if they expect deception.

Popularity. Nothing reflects popularity as well as ER. This indicator shows what successes have been achieved and how much loyalty they have earned. Obviously, the more people like and comment on you, the more popular you are.

Content virality. The audience response can be used to judge the likelihood of how many users may be interested in the content. This helps to understand if the content is cool enough to be shared.

“Instagram”. ER tells you how interesting your product or brand is for Instagram users.

Engagement rate is important at all stages of business development and plays an important role in marketing competitive analysis. That is why an option to buy Instagram views is so popular. By calculating your engagement rate, you can understand:

how the audience’s response to different posts differs;

which content works better and which one is worse;

how to make your account as efficient as possible without even having a huge number of subscribers.

Instagram has long switched to a “smart” feed generation algorithm. Now the ranking of posts in user feeds depends on how actively your followers engage with the content. Impressions, reach, engagement – these are all closely related parameters. If posts get a good response, then it is interesting to people and it needs to be shown to as many users as possible. If the post remains unanswered, it goes down in the search results.

If your posts are not ranking, they are simply not seen. Accordingly, no one will buy the product, because they simply will not find out about promotions, new products, and benefits. This is why engagement is important and needs to be worked on.

Impressions and reach are the main factors that influence engagement, but not the only one. Engagement can build trust in the account owner. Imagine the situation that you are invited to a party. It would seem that everything is fine at the holiday – good music, food and drinks, but all the invitees stand in the corners, do not communicate at all with each other and do not have fun. Most likely, the first thing you think about the host of the holiday is a boring and uninteresting person who cannot entertain his invited guests. That’s the same on Instagram. If silence in the comments is a bad party.

Another thing is if there is a live discussion under the posts, subscribers communicate with the account owner and among themselves. Newly arrived users have a desire to stay, to become a part of this community. You may not want to make friends with everyone right away, but at least you will want to watch what is happening.

To conclude, let’s stress that the engagement rate improvement is one of the Best Techniques to Use Instagram for Your Business Growth.