Working Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer in 2022 2022 Outreach.SALE review

Working Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer in 2022

If you watch another person's stories in the Instagram app or web version, the view will be captured and the account owner will see it. But if you need to hide your curiosity, there are many ways to watch other people's stories anonymously. None of them will allow you to do this if the profile is private or stories were published only for "Best Friends".

Using the online services StoriesIG me, Insta Stories Watch or Insta Saver app, you can anonymously view or download other people's stories from a computer or phone. It's free and safe for your Instagram account as the services do not require authorization. For anonymous viewing of stories, enter the name of the account you need in the search bar and the service will show all the user's stories for the last 24 hours available for public viewing.

Apps for viewing incognito stories

You can keep track of other users so that they don't know about it not only through a computer, but also using the Profile + smartphone app (for iOS and Android). The app is safe as it does not require Instagram login. After installing Profile +, enter your username in the search bar and watch someone else's stories anonymously. Stories can also be downloaded to your phone.

Working Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer in 2022

Browser extensions for viewing stories anonymously

You can view and download anonymously Instagram stories on your computer using the “Stories for Instagram” browser extension in Google Chrome. To do this, install it and log into the web version of Instagram. After installation, you will have a duplicate top panel with stories, through which you can view the stories of people from subscriptions anonymously.

Viewing stories anonymously through a fake profile

You can keep your stay on someone else's page a secret by creating a fake account. To do this, go to your profile, click on your nickname at the top and select "Add account" – "Create a new account". You can also switch between profiles by clicking on your Instagram nickname. In addition, a fake page can potentially solve the problem with viewing stories on a closed page.

When choosing any of the methods, be it applications, a website or Telegram bots, the main thing to remember is that to ensure not only anonymity, but also the safety of your profile, it is important to use only those services that do not ask you to log into your Instagram account and enter others. personal data for registration.